Book Review: Agnes and the Hitman - B.T. Polcari

Book Review: Agnes and the Hitman

Book: Agnes and the Hitman
Author: Jennifer Cruise and Bob Mayer
Rating: 4.5 Stars

📚 I have read a lot of Jennifer Crusie books for the lightness, the laughs, the strong female characters, but also as research for my upcoming book “Against My Better Judgment”. I find that Crusie's books are always an enjoyable read, and some I reread and others I just leave them be. "Agnes and the Hitman" is one that I always return to and never will give away, because the entirety of the story makes me laugh every time. Maybe it is the fact that main character Agnes looks at a cast iron skillet the same way Disney's Rapunzel does, or maybe it is the Human Target-stylized Hitman - but either way I highly recommend this book if you don't mind a not so realistic hilarious read. The blurb in the second picture of this post was enough of a hook for me!

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