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Book Review: Alex & Eliza - A Love Story

A follower recommended that I read "Alex & Eliza: A Love Story" by Melissa de la Cruz. I picked up a copy and brought it with me to the lake a couple weeks ago, and I'm so glad that I did. It was a fast read (could easily be read in a day) and was particularly of interest for me considering I majored in History, I love the Broadway hit Hamilton, and I went to Rutgers (you'll hear more about that on Friday).



You're probably surprised that I only gave the book 3 stars, but that is just because I'm comparing it to all of the other books that I have read in my lifetime (see comment for comparison to "East"). The author originally wrote the book for her children who wanted to learn more about Hamilton after the musical came out.

Knowing that the book was intended for a younger audience, I think that it is great for what it is and I was still able to enjoy the story (*note - there are 2 scenes towards the end of the book that might not be suitable for children). I would consider this a *must read* for anyone who loves 1.) Hamilton, 2.) a headstrong female lead, and 3.) a sweet love story; but also someone who doesn't mind a simple read. If your budget is small, only buy the book full price if you intend to add to a collection as I'm not sure how many times it might be reread.

All this to say, I'm so glad it was recommended for me to read, I do intend on recommending this book to other Hamilton fans, and I will be looking into the trilogy. But would I read it again or recommend it to people who prefer complex narratives? Probably not.

Have you read the book? What did you think?

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