Book Review: The Corset Diaries - B.T. Polcari

Book Review: The Corset Diaries

Book: "The Corset Diaries"
Author: Katie MacAlister
Stars: 4/5


😂 I was reading at a restaurant (pre-covid, obviously) and actually caught myself laughing out loud. I probably looked like a lunatic, especially if they couldn't see the book! Seriously though, this book is so much fun and a treat to those who wish they could live a "Downton Abbey", "Austenland", or even "Lost in Austen" life. This book is exactly what it should be and nothing more - and I truly mean that in the best way. It is a hilarious story about a curvy who participates in a period television show. 📺 Part reality TV, 🎥 part documentary, 😂100% Hilarious. I will give you a heads up that there are a few more mature scenes, in case you need parental control screening ;) Another side note - if you are familiar with MacAlister's works, this is *not* a magical/fantasy book.

📔👗 While I was browsing for a good cover image to share, I did see that a lot of people on GoodReads were not a fan of the book. So I will add a caveat that this was my first Katie MacAlister book, and it has been some years since I've read it, but I typically remember bad parts of books over good parts and this one primarily sticks out as a whole lot of laughs. Rarely is there a book where I love every single thing about it, and this isn't an exception, but I would still definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of the aforementioned shows/movies and enjoys a light and funny reads.

🏝 So, as we go into the warmer weather and we pretend our front porches are 🏖 sandy beaches, I would say toss this in the cooler for a good laugh 😂

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