Friday Night Date Night: A Man Called Ove - B.T. Polcari

Friday Night Date Night: A Man Called Ove

Happy Friday! Coming at you with another dinner and a movie option for Quarantine Date Night! 🎬🍲 Tonight's book turned movie is "A Man Called Ove" written by Fredrik Backman.

The book is such a treat to read and was my first by Fredrik Backman novel. The story follows the life of Ove (pronounced Oh-v-ah), a grumpy old man who desperately wants to pass away and join his wife in heaven. It sounds like a depressing book/movie, but it is actually quite funny while also beautifully weaving together the stories of Ove's childhood penchant for always doing the right thing, the romantic love story between Ove and his wife, the ups and downs of life's struggles, and finally showing that love can be found in all forms.

If you enjoy artsy and thought-provoking films, then you will love this movie. I will caution two things: 1.) Unless you speak Swedish, then you'll need to put subtitles on; and 2.) there are a few intense suicide attempt scenes, so you might need to fast forward through those (personally only the first was the hardest)

I've pulled three recipes together for you that are referenced in the film 🎬The main course is listed out below (and many thanks to the cooking blog for the outstanding Persian Chicken/Rice recipes).



Check out the recipes for the Persian Cookie (gluten free!) and Napoleon, as well as the original post for more detailed instructions on the main course.


🍿 Lastly - ENJOY!! 🍿

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