Friday Night Date Night: Andy Weir's "The Martian" - B.T. Polcari

Friday Night Date Night: Andy Weir's "The Martian"

Happy Friday! We made it!

Just because we can't go out doesn't mean that we can't still have a traditional Friday Night date night, so each Friday I'm going to try and post themed 🍽 dinner/movie 🎬 date night ideas (and might even keep it book-based movies!) Check out tonight's movie trailer here!

This week's theme is perhaps a bit on the nose of isolation, but if anyone is going to teach us how to be resilient during this time it is character Mark Watney of "The Martian". This 91% Rotten Tomatoes and 80% Metacritic film is based on a science fiction novel by Andy Weir centering around an astronaut left alone on Mars with hardly any supplies.

As I'm sure you know, many book-to-movie adaptions result in the removal of entire scenes and even story lines (I'm looking at you @warnerbrosentertainment - Neville Longbottom deserved so much more), but hats off to Drew Goddard for his work adapting the novel into an incredibly loyal screenplay.

If you haven't seen this movie and do not understand why I've paired a delicious (and easy) Harvest Potato Soup with a movie about Mars, just watch the movie and get ready for a good chuckle. And be glad I didn't add ketchup to the ingredients ;)

Stay well, Stay isolated, and thank you to all the grocery workers and delivery people bringing us potatoes in a much more traditional manner! 👏👏👏

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