Friday Night Date Night: Dunkirk - B.T. Polcari

Friday Night Date Night: Dunkirk

I blinked my eyes and all of a sudden it's Friday. As I was preparing today's post going into Memorial Day weekend, I really struggled with what movie would be an appropriate choice as I wanted it to be respectful of the sacrifices that the military & medical personnel made for us, but also one that can still function as a form of escapism from our current state of affairs.

🎥 I decided on Christopher Nolan's Academy Award Winning "Dunkirk" for, while it is an intense and often heartbreaking tale of sacrifice and the meaning of victory, it also celebrates what can happen when all people - military and civilians alike - band together for the greater good. It is set in WWII on the beaches of Dunkirk, France and is an incredibly captivating look at what all can and has been overcome. This power and raw film is told from three different perspectives: the soldiers trying to escape Dunkirk (The Mole), civilians sailing in to help rescue the soldiers (The Sea), and 3 ally fighter pilots providing air cover (The Air). This movie is incredibly deserving of every Oscar it won (especially the film score), and while it is not based on a book, I still highly recommend watching the film and without any distractions.



👩‍🍳 As for the recipes selected for tonight's movie, I decided on two recipes. 1.) A savory bacon jam to represent the only food seen eaten in "Dunkirk" - a slice of toast with some jam. 2.) The Union Hardtack as the United States' first Memorial Day was in remembrance of the Civil War.




🚨 Movie Note: This is NOT what I would consider an uplifting movie, but by the end of the film I did have a great sense of thanksgiving. If you have a fear of water, or struggled through the second half of "Titanic" then this movie is not for you. I don't want to give any spoilers, but if you are wondering if this film is ok to watch then feel free to send me a DM. 🚨

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