Friday Night Date Night: The Host - B.T. Polcari

Friday Night Date Night: The Host


Happy Friday 🥳 It has been one of those weeks where it has been so long, and yet, it's all of a sudden Friday. Tonight's Friday Night Date Night is the movie version of Tuesday's review: The Host! Food is much more present in the book vs the movie, and it should have occurred to me that googling "The Host recipes" would not be nearly as specific as I needed 😂

📖🎥 Tonight's menu is a mix of book and movie inspirations.


🍎🥒🍑 Appetizer: Fruit/Veggies/Cheese platter with Crackers! In the book, Mel and Jared first meet while raiding a house's fridge for sustainable foods (fruits/veggies/granola bars/cookies). The very resourceful underground humans manage to grow crops using mirrors. Checkout @iheartnaptime 's blog for the beautiful fruit/veggie tray and dip recipes! 🥕🍓🥨



🍽🍗 Main Course: Cheeto encrusted Chicken Tenders, courtesy of @plainchicken ! Wanda gets a taste for Cheetos and Chocolate Shakes through Mel - it's funny the things that people miss when they are no longer available.



🍦🍫 Dessert: Chocolate Shake, recipe by @cdkitchen !

Want a little extra thematic element? Have "glow worms" light up while watching the movie. Put a glow stick straw or lightup cubes in your drink, put glow in the dark stars on the walls, or even grab a black light and see how plain tonic water glows blue!


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