Friday Night Date Night: Timeline - B.T. Polcari

Friday Night Date Night: Timeline

Hello Again my lovely Instagram friends! You've already received a themed recipe package to celebrate the #hamilfilm , but today also coincides with the book club finishing Michael Crichton's "Timeline" so now we are going to watch the movie! I promised some more edible recipes than what was described in the book, so tonight you have an option of 2 different chicken dishes - a medieval take on chicken and rice casserole, or a "cinnamon soup" which has chicken in it *HMMMM*.




There are loads of amazing medieval recipes on and if this kind of things interests you - I *highly* recommend you give the website a perusal! I've also included the website to what sounds like an amazing New Mexico Green Chile burger that you should check out!

As for the book to movie translation. I have found a LOT of people who loved the book really dislike the movie. I will admit, when I first saw the movie I was greatly disappointed at how simplified and watered down the plot became. On the other hand, however, I have found the movie a much easier way to enjoy the story with friends and family who do not want to read a book about quantum physics.

A lot of scenes were drastically cut short, Kate's character is still a baller but not nearly as in the book (although, perhaps it is just a more accurate representation of any person thrown back in time), and Chris is unfortunately not as bumbling. Gerard Butler truly did Marek justice, and I would not be surprised if he read the book and deeply studied the character's motivations in preparation for the role.

Have you seen the movie or read the book? Below are my thoughts on 2 major changes to made in the film adaptation.


I think the scene or plot change that I am most disappointed about is the complete removal of everything having to do with the Green Church <of death>. Looking back, I can see why they removed that scene as it would have really extended the movie…but that entire section of the book was my absolute favorite! Also, I was disappointed at the downplayed role of the Mill, but again - I can see why they made those changes.

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