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Pre-Ordering Fire & Ice

Hey everyone! B.T. here. We are officially 3 weeks away from the official release of Fire & Ice! *cue the applause*


I, for one, am so excited for this standalone sequel in the Mauzzy & Me Mystery Series. When Against My Better Judgment came out, I didn’t think I would ever experience that same level of excitement with subsequent releases since it was my debut novel. But y’all…. Fire & Ice is so dang good, at times I find myself wishing I wrote it first. Words cannot express how pumped I am for everyone to experience the wild ride that is Fire & Ice.

But don’t just believe me. As The US Review of Books wrote in their “RECOMMENDED” review, the book is “…a well-researched crime-busting adventure that takes on ever-deeper meaning and mystery with every page.” And as Diane Donovan of Midwest Book Review wrote, “Polcari's ability to craft a mystery that will leave readers laughing and thinking nearly simultaneously adds another delightful chapter to Sara and Mauzzy's world.”

So, you see, I’m not the only one who really, really likes the story.

This go around I decided to do a little something fun for those who pre-order Fire & Ice. You’re going to get a goody bag! Those who pre-order Fire & Ice on any platform and in any format will receive:

  • 2 art prints specific to the book from artists I commissioned
  • A “reference sticker” to enhance the reading experience (pertinent to the book)
  • 1 bookmark
  • 3 reader stickers
  • Promotional postcards to share with your friends

So – how do you get your hands on a copy of Fire and Ice AND a pre-order goody bag? I’ve mapped out all the options below to help you get the biggest bang for your buck. But an important thing to note is this will only apply to pre-orders of paperback or e-books, or if you order on release day. This will not apply to ARCs, or any copies purchased August 16th or later.


Pre-Order Direct:

Go to my website –

Hit “Books”

Select either Fire & Ice or the discounted bundle of Against My Better Judgment AND Fire & Ice


*If you want your signed books to be personalized, just shoot me an email or use the Store Support tab! Include your order number, names/spellings, and any specific sentiments if required!


Pre-Order Anywhere Else:

You can preorder the book anywhere else you would like, whether that be Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or even your own locally owned bookshop! Just make sure you keep your receipt – because that will be your golden ticket to the all-important goody bag.

After pre-ordering, go to: Pre-Order Goody Bag Google Form

Complete the google form – you will be asked to upload your receipt. This is only for proof of purchase.

When the Fire & Ice release day arrives – so will your pre-order goody bag, free of charge!

See? Simple!



Are you doing any special promotional sales or giveaways?

If you are like me, you want to get the most bang for your buck when making purchasing decisions. And it isn’t uncommon for authors to give special release day promotions. While my team does not YET have the resources of a New York Times Bestseller, we do have some promotions scheduled!


Paperback Bundle: Signed paperback copies of Against My Better Judgment AND Fire & Ice will be $30 on my website until August 31st. It will return to its regular bundled price on September 1st of $35.

Goodreads Giveaway: Enter for a chance to win 1 of 100 kindle copies of Fire & Ice! Go to the Goodreads Giveaway section, or Google “Goodreads Giveaway Polcari” and it should show up for you. Goodreads requires that entrants reside in the US, and link their Amazon account so that the book can be delivered. I cannot see your Amazon account or anything like that. That information stays with the Goodreads team.


Road to publication day

As publication day is on the horizon – my team and I are working on some fun events both virtually and in person. So be sure to stay tuned to my social media accounts where I will post updates. Here are just a few things on the docket:

  • August 13th: Sponsored Pet Adoption in Chattanooga, TN
  • August 15th: Instagram Live with Chattanooga’s Book & Cover indie bookstore
  • Podcast & Television spots
  • And hopefully more!


Have a podcast? Run a blog? Professional reviewer? Shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you!


Lastly, I have to thank each and every one of you all who fell in love with Sara and Mauzzy, and wanted to continue along with their adventures. As long as you all have fun sleuthing around with them, I’ll keep writing. And speaking of, time to get back to my manuscript because the dang thing sure won’t write itself.

Have a great day!